Used Honda Dirt Bikes for Sale

Below you'll find 34 used Honda dirt bikes for sale, as well as these are on our Honda Motorcycle Classifieds which we've setup for you, where you can also enjoy a simple user interface which allows you to easily sell your motorcycle here. If you're interested in a new motorcycle so you can collect contingencies, these are the latest New Honda Motorcycles.

The dirt bikes listed below include the popular Honda CR's, CRF's & XR's which may be suitable for an experienced or novice rider, however if you're unfamiliar with the selections and displacements, or what to look for on a used dirt bike, here's a comprehensive guide on purchasing any used dirt bike.

34 Current Listings
$3270.00Picture of A 2014 Honda NSS300
Time Remaining:
6H 26M 23S
$1999.00Picture of A 2008 Honda CRF 150F
Time Remaining:
7H 16M 10S
$6988.00Picture of A 2016 Honda XR650
Time Remaining:
1D 7H 5M 52S
$1500.00Picture of A 2014 Honda  250
Time Remaining:
1D 12H 48M 57S
$5100.00Picture of A 2007 Honda  CRF450
2007 Honda CRF450
Santa Clarita, California
Time Remaining:
1D 13H 27M 6S
$4200.00Picture of A 2017 Honda  CRF150
2017 Honda CRF150
Olive Branch, Mississippi
Time Remaining:
2D 4H 26M 18S
$2500.00Picture of A 1992 Honda cr500
Time Remaining:
2D 10H 26M 15S
$5600.00Picture of A 1990 Honda XL600V
1990 Honda XL600V
West Palm Beach, Florida
Time Remaining:
2D 15H 45M 1S
$2800.00Picture of A 1988 Honda CR500R
Time Remaining:
2D 15H 56M 15S
$9200.00Picture of A 2017 Honda
2017 Honda
Long Prairie, Minnesota
Time Remaining:
2D 16H 26M 33S
$6300.00Picture of A 1989 Honda cr250
1989 Honda CR250
Los Angeles, California
Time Remaining:
2D 16H 27M 30S
$1500.00Picture of A 1991 Honda XR250L
Time Remaining:
2D 17H 14M 26S
$4000.00Picture of A 2016 Honda Crf450r
Time Remaining:
3D 3H 40M 48S
$2500.00Picture of A 1990 Honda CR125R
Time Remaining:
3D 8H 38M 38S
$3800.00Picture of A 2003 Honda Xr650R
Time Remaining:
3D 12H 24M 50S
$4000.00Picture of A 2012 Honda  CRF150
Time Remaining:
3D 16H 9M 5S
$1299.99Picture of A 2007 Honda CRF 100
Time Remaining:
4D 2H 35M 6S
$1300.00Picture of A 2009 Honda
Time Remaining:
4D 5H 6M 22S
$6888.00Picture of A 2017 Honda  CRF250
Time Remaining:
4D 8H 53M 32S
$2000.00Picture of A 1989 Honda CR250R
Time Remaining:
4D 14H 42M 38S
$5500.00Picture of A 2017 Honda  CRF250
2017 Honda CRF250
New Palestine, Indiana
Time Remaining:
5D 4H 58M 49S
$2025.00Picture of A 2006 Honda  CRF450
2006 Honda CRF450
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Time Remaining:
5D 10H 26M 15S
$2999.00Picture of A 1997 Honda CR500
Time Remaining:
6D 13H 10M 16S
$5500.00Picture of A 2016 Honda crf450X
2016 Honda CRF450X
Springfield, Massachusetts
Time Remaining:
6D 20H 12M 51S
$8500.00Picture of A 2007 Honda
2007 Honda
Grand Coulee, Washington
Time Remaining:
7D 8H 22M 50S
Looking for Something Pre '93?
Vintage and Evolution Class Dirt Bikes for Sale
$6888.00Picture of A 2016 Honda TRX420F
Time Remaining:
9D 9H 45M 24S
$5988.00Picture of A 2017 Honda CRF 250
Time Remaining:
10D 53M 58S
$5999.00Picture of A 2018 Honda  CRF450
Time Remaining:
18D 20H 27M 58S
$4988.00Picture of A 2013 Honda  CRF450
Time Remaining:
20D 22H 13M 30S
$1295.00Picture of A 2006 Honda CRF50
2006 Honda CRF50
Suncook, New Hampshire
Time Remaining:
22D 7H 19M 7S
$10500.00Picture of A 2004 Honda CR500
Time Remaining:
23D 7H 55M 44S
$3899.00Picture of A 2015 Honda  CRF250
Time Remaining:
26D 19H 29M 44S
$5988.00Picture of A 2013 Honda  CRF450
Time Remaining:
29D 47M 32S
$5988.00Picture of A 2017 Honda CRF 250
Time Remaining:
29D 47M 37S
Unfamiliar With What to Look For, or What Size Dirt Bike is Right?
Here's What to Consider & Look For When Buying Any Used Dirt Bike

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